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Do you want to supplement your income or give your life a new perspective?


Discover the investment that can redefine your life: 7 days and about 700 euros for a new career - CREW.


The notion of office hours looks different on board a catamaran at sea

capetan CREW

Yacht charter hostess What does it mean?

  • A yacht charter hostess is the right choice for any customer who wants a truly relaxing holiday.

  • A hostess is a professionally trained individual who caters to the needs of the crew, prioritizes their safety and acts as deckhand, i.e. assists the skipper with their duties when necessary. A hostess has knowledge of basic sailing skills, on-board safety regulations, hospitality requirements and etiquette.

  • A hostess has to be well-presented, articulate, know how to take orders, and be able to work with patience, enthusiasm and a smile. We can provide the correct qualification, know-how and contacts, but the right attitude is yours alone to bring to the table.

  • A hostess is responsible for preparing and serving half-board on the yacht which includes breakfast, light lunch, snacks, and tea/coffee. As for lunch, simple meals such as pasta, risotto, and salads can be expected.

  • A hostess is also responsible with general housekeeping on the yacht, cleaning and washing up after service. A hostess can assist with the use of laundry services as well as other services specific to marinas. In some instances a hostess can provide local tips and help with reservations and various bookings.

What Will Your Hostess DO on a yacht charter?

  • Do the provisioning for the charter week and as needed along the way, based on customer requests and pre-agreed shopping lists.

  • Breakfast Service: laying out a buffet-style breakfast.

  • Lunch Service: Again, a buffet-style lunch or dishes that require minimal preparation.

  • Late Meal Service: if you decide to cook your own late meal onboard, you can expect their full support with that.

  • Drinks and Beverage Service: coffee, tea, refreshments and some cocktails will be served throughout the day.

  • Housekeeping: keeping work areas neat and orderly, free of slip and trip hazards, waste removal.

  • Cleaning: within reason, the hostess will always clean up after service and help the skipper keep the boat generally clean.

  • Dinghy Runs Ashore: hostesses will run you ashore during the day and early evening.

  • Keep track of expenses: at the beginning of the charter week, the customers will provide a sum of money to cover expenses such as mooring, fuel, marina fees, general shopping and so on. Your hostess and sometimes the skipper, will tack the expenses and provide a full breakdown at the end of the week.

What Will Your Hostess NOT DO on a yacht charter?

  • A hostess is not a chef or a babysitter.

  • Cabins on charter yachts are often personal spaces and storage areas, therefore they will not be tended to during the week.

  • Provision: a hostess will not provision for you, meaning they do not decide what to buy for you and you might want or need during the week. However, they can assist with a general list.

  • Pre-charter support – the hostess cannot be contacted before the start of the charter, as they will most likely be busy with other customers.

  • Work outside service hours - a hostess works no more than eight hours a day. They might offer assistance outside their working hours, should they choose to, but they have no obligation to do so and you should discuss any particular situation with them in advance. This also applies to land-based activities that requires them to transport guests via dingy.

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We offer employment opportunities for Capetan CREW students during the season months of June - September

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All Capetan trainers are RYA Yachtmaster Coastal or Offshore certified. The hospitality trainers we offer are professional crew with years of experience in this industry.

capetan CREW

Details about the training

The Capetan CREW module takes place in Athens over a 7-day session on one of our Lagoon 42/400S2 catamarans. The training area is the Saronic archipelago. Accommodation is provided in 2 berth cabins and on each catamaran we have 2 trainers. Each groupă consists of no more than 6 students + trainers. The two segments of the training week are: Deckhand theory & practice and Hospitality workshops & practice.

hostess yacht
  • how to prepare a cruising vessel for sea, including engine checks, securing and stowage of all gear on deck and below
  • safety briefing
  • presenting first aid kit
  • first aid training
  • using a fire blanket
  • using flares
  • explaining life raft
  • using harness + life line + lifesaver
  • VHF /EPIRB /AIS radio
  • about gas
crew management
  • crew dynamics & handling
  • check in list
Boat and sailing
  • knowledge of sea terms and boat parts
  • rigging and sails
  • ropework
  • helmanship and basic sailing
  • dinghies
  • shopping for your crew
  • Etiquette
  • Professional ethics
  • dress code and communication
  • food and beverage fundamentals
  • tips and tricks
Hostess & deckhand

Your career in sailing

From June to September, your life can be different after completing the CREW module.
The CAPETAN CREW certification offers you member status in a community of passionate sailors: skippers, trainers and crew, on whom you can rely and who will help you gain experience. You'll receive access to CAPETAN groups, with 24/7 visibility to the latest jobs and opportunities.
For further development, you can enlist in the HOP/ HOPA modules, become an ambassador or even aim for positions on luxury yachts. But all in good time. For now, go on, make a change, sign up for the CAPETAN CREW module.


Capetan crew

Period - 7 days

Area - Athens, Greece

Price - 750 EUR / per person in double cabin 

Capetan students who repeat the module receive 10% discount


  • 7 days of theory and practice with one of the CAPETAN Club trainers
  • Accommodation on the school boat with maximum 6 students + trainer
  • Boat rental (boat related equipment/towels/end-cleaning)
  • Attendance at pre-departure theoretical workshops
  • Feedback sessions and personal counselling
  • Required documentation in electronic format

does not include

  • Transport to and from marina Departure (Athens)
  • The associated costs of diesel/marine/water/current (approx. 30€/pers)
  • Warehouse/Insurance deposit (deposit = 100€/pers returnable ; deposit insurance = 25€/pers non-returnable)


From 2010 to now, we are proud of all our students!

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