It's time to put what you've learned into practice. Prepare for a week of charter on your own, with your own crew alongside the Capetan community


Are you a Capetan student and have completed the HOP and HOPA refresher courses?

Then REFRESH is for you: gather your former schoolmates or friends for a week of sailing and practice of your own alongside Capetan events

what are you putting into practice?

  • booking process at a weeks charter on capetancharter.com
  • formalities necessary for a week charter
  • training of the week sailing (route, weather, communication with the crew)
  • check in/check out
  • crew briefing
  • crew management
  • docking practice
  • anchoring practice 

SKIPPER for 7 days

It's time to put into practice what you have learnt in the Capetan modules. You choose the right boat yourself from www.capetancharter.com, take care of the formalities, crewlist, insurance. You form your own crew and organise a week of sailing with Capetan during one of the practice weeks. We'll be with you the whole week for itinerary, weather and organisational help.


Join us for a week of practice, where you can organise yourself as you wish with our assistance.


Join the CAPETAN community, a club of sailing enthusiasts that will always help you when you need it.


The knowledge you already have is designed to help you build your experience. Get started now with the Capetan community.

Choose your boat in athens

Choose your boat in kavala


The sailing community is growing year by year. CAPETAN is intended to be a support point, both for those who are just discovering the fascinating world of sailing and for experienced sailors who want to reach the next level. We want you to be the best version of yourself, to enjoy sailing confidently and safely.

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