Tide Practice

6 days of practice, sailing and sailing in the most challenging sailing area in Europe. Experience and master the tide and sailing of The Solent - UK

Hands On TIDE - HOT sailing course in the UK


A week of adventure, a week of sailing, a week of experience

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6 days tidal and navigation in the solent UK

Discover with us the beauty of sailing in tidal areas, the ease of making a passage plan, tide calculations, using the almanac as well as mooring in the most beautiful marinas in The Solent.


Familiarization with concepts such as passage planning, tidal calculation, course to steer, course over ground, estimated position, projected estimated position, set and drift rate, course to steer, height of tide


You'll meet other sailing enthusiasts with whom you'll spend probably your most challenging sailing area yet. The CAPETAN Club is open to anyone who loves the sea, sailing and freedom.


09 March 18:00 - safety briefing *** 14 March 17:00 return to the navy *** 15 March 09:00 check out

HOW complicated do you think it is?

Getting from A to B in tidal conditions, with marinas that become accessible only between certain hours, doing ferry-glides with the help of currents, having a totally different compass heading from where you want to go, adding in the current, night navigation in buoyed areas? Come and experiment!

Proposed route

We are leaving the marina on 09 March for a night passage de-rigging to refresh COLREG and the basis of tidal navigation. Each day we will choose to spend in a different marina, visiting areas such as Southampton, The Hamptons, Portsmouth, Hamble River. We return to the marina on the 14th and on the morning of the 15th we will release the school boats.


week from adventure, o week sailing, a week from experience

Grab a seat

Sailboat - 40-45ft school sailboats // 5 students per boat
Period - 9-15 March 2024
Itinerary - The Solent

  • 1200 EUR / per person in double cabin

What is included

  • seat in double cabin/equipment
  • transport from Luton Airport to marine and return
  • marine tax, fuel
  • water, tea and coffee.
  • feedback sessions and personal counselling
  • Offshore sailing study documentation in electronic format

not included

  • deposit insurance 25 euro / pers
  • travel insurance
  • bedsheets/towels/end-cleaning

see how it was in previous years

What could be more beautiful than sunrise and sunset on a boat under sail? Find out for yourself, with the Capetan crew

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