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We train you for all that it means to be a skipper on a charter yacht. Learn how to practically handle a sailing yacht in real traffic and marine situations.

sailing practice


The sailing community is growing year by year. CAPETAN is intended to be a support point, both for those who are just discovering the fascinating world of sailing and for experienced sailors who want to reach the next level. We want you to be the best version of yourself, to enjoy sailing confidently and safely.


We organise 7-day courses in sailing destinations in Greece where we practice sailing manoeuvres and techniques applicable in real traffic and sea conditions.


We give you the opportunity to put your shoulder to the wheel and practice as much as you can manoeuvres needed to sail properly.


Join the CAPETAN community, a club of sailing enthusiasts that will always help you when you need it.


The knowledge provided is designed to help you easily navigate situations that can arise when sailing a charter boat in a busy holiday destination with an inexperienced crew.


SKIPPER for 7 days

If you dream of getting out on a boat as much as possible, experiencing the adventure on the waves and enjoying the feeling of freedom the sea gives you, you've come to the right place. We understand and support you! Through partnerships with several sailing schools, we offer you the framework to get the navigation permit. In addition, we offer you experience and confidence - we specialise in practical training courses. With a 7-day module, you'll practice the theory you've learned and enjoy life at sea.

For those who already have some experience but want to improve their skills and build their confidence, we offer advanced course modules. These focus on sail handling, single-handed manoeuvres, night sailing or long mile building routes.

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