radio certificate

Radio operator certificate

Three days of online theory and practice (on simulator) to obtain the "GMDSS-LRC Radio Operator Certificate"

Radio Certification in 3 days

Three days of online theory and practice (on simulator) to obtain the "GMDSS Radio Operator Certificate - LRC"

how does it work

Over the 3 days, instructors will teach you the basics of radio communications in the maritime mobile and maritime mobile satellite service, standard phraseology and operating a radio station. At the end, you will take the official exam for the desired certificate, also at the school. After passing, we take care of the formalities and send the certificate home by courier.


The certificate issued by ANCOM is internationally recognised and issued under the ETSI/ITU standard.


This 3-day course introduces you to the basics of marine radio communications at the level needed to take the certification exam and be able to perform standard communications procedures aboard recreational craft. If you have your Agreement Craft Operator Certificate, this is the natural next step to take. The certificate must be renewed every 5 years.


Both the course and the exam will include a theory and a practical part.

radio certificate


  • general principles and basic features of the maritime mobile service;
  • use of VHF radio equipment in practice;
  • operational procedures in the GMDSS;
  • the ability to support radio traffic in relation to the safety of human life at sea;
  • Standard English phraseology;
  • binding regulations, procedures and practices;
  • working on the simulator for DSC procedures.

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Oana Sima

Yachting Instructor/Owner

A yachting instructor, trainer, National Race Officer and regatta helmsman, Oana has over 10,000 nautical miles recorded in her personal logbook. Her latest notable achievement: crossing the Atlantic Ocean. With 10 years experience in the field
nautical, is also the founder of the first Romanian charter company. He became
entrepreneur in 2009, after a 10-year career in journalism and PR.

cosmin andronic

Yachting Instructor/Owner

International Race Officer, trainer, Cosmin comes from the telecom industry, where, after an extensive background in engineering and management, he decided to try his hand at pioneering yachting. Personal portfolio: 13 years in the sector
recreational boating, 3 others of competitive activity and a crossing of the
Atlantic Ocean as the most recent notable achievement.


  • 3 days theory and practice on the online licensed simulator;
  • ANCOM authorised certification exam.
  • During this period, the courses will be held remotely over 3 days (from 18.30 to 22.30) via the zoom.com platform.

what is included

  • course materials;
  • info and assistance for the written exam;
  • online support from instructors in the learning process;
  • ANCOM formalities.

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